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April 26, 2018
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Door to Door Podcast

1 in 3 property managers stay up-to-date on industry news via word of mouth; and when they’re facing a new challenge, 3 in 4 property managers turn to other property managers for advice.

Stories are at the heart of the property management business. That’s why the Door to Door podcast brings real stories from real property managers out into the open, giving us all the opportunity to inspire and learn from each other.

Listen along as we dig deep into the ups and downs that property managers face every day and celebrate each others’ successes. Subscribe now to join the community!

Also be sure to share your ideas and feedback with us! You can do so by sending us a message (especially good stories and compliments—we like those!) at Or follow Buildium on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and use #DoorToDoor to connect with us!

Episode 1: Leah Slaughter

Leah Slaughter is the owner of OmniKey Realty LLC, a Texas-based property management company. Since founding OmniKey with her husband 13 years ago, Leah has sought to leave her mark on the industry by building a business centered on her core values.

In this episode of Door to Door, we’ll learn how Leah and her team have grown their business without losing their human touch. Listen now to learn how Leah defines success for herself, and what other property managers can learn from her story.

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