Title Insurance and What It Is
November 2, 2015
Build Your Credibility
December 10, 2015

Team Up to Clean Up!

111Ever heard of the word “squatters” when in comes to real estate? To homeowners and property managers, this is a common term when someone is living in a vacant or distressed home unlawfully. This year, GLVAR and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are teaming up to help with this issue.  Even if the term is foreign to some, the problem is definitely around and the number is expected to increase by 43% this year!

A lengthy eviction process was needed in order to remove unwanted tenants that cost time and money.  But soon enough, agents are going to be able to go online and fill out a form in order to get the job done.  A lot of times, the squatters have been seen engaging in criminal activities that need to be addresses before numbers get worse.

Some people claim to own or manage the property and create fraudulent paperwork in the process.  The removal process may seem a bit much but when the problem is only getting bigger, it seems necessary. Check out the statistics below:

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