A Comeback for Commercial Real Estate
September 8, 2015
The Art of Refinancing
September 23, 2015

To Flip or Flop?

111Many are familiar with the act of buying a home, renovating, and selling again for a profit. In the Real Estate world, this is called flipping a  house.  There are countless experts, courses, and gurus out there teaching how they made their money and hoping to help others as well.  But what is the house flipping world looking like in Las Vegas?  About 30 bids a week are made to buy house for 80 cents or so on the dollar, hoping to flip it and make a profit.  But this doesn’t mean that everybody is getting their money’s worth! It is looking like it is the so called experts that are selling their teachings are the one’s making the money instead of the one’s actually investing. Not to say you can’t make a profit in the field, but is the return worth the labor intensive work? Find out more in the article below!

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