Lake Las Vegas, The Place To Be
August 24, 2015
A Comeback for Commercial Real Estate
September 8, 2015

Water Crisis in the Desert?

111This year, there has been undeniably a lot of talk about the increasing water issues in particular states.  Has Las Vegas found itself amongst them? While there is many statements predicting that Lake Mead was going to dry out in the near future or even that Las Vegas would run out of water completely, the experts are saying to forget it all.  Many changes in the recent years have help slow down water use and also increase recycling of water.  In 2001, new standards were put in place for home-builders! One example is the percentage of grass that is allowed in the front and back yards.  With all this being said, this means there is enough water for future growth.  What does this mean for Las Vegas? Researchers are projecting that this only means new locals and tourists are coming. See the numbers and projections below:


See Results Here!

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