Increasing Your Curb Appeal and Your Bank Account
July 16, 2015
Lake Las Vegas, The Place To Be
August 24, 2015

House Prices On the Rise!

111Great news in the Las Vegas area for home owners alike! Compared to information last year around this time, housing prices and sales continue to steadily grow.  Which means good news for anyone trying to sell a home this year!  It is always a good thing when the market is stable and we are definitely seeing that be the trend these months as the prices slowly increase.  Seeing as how it has been a steady increase, it may not be a bad time to look at buying a home as well.  A volatile market is a scary market so it is a relief to see that this year that is not the case.  GLVAR has been tracking sales all over Las Vegas so check out the statistics below:


Here’s The Results

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