New Plans for the Strip of Las Vegas
April 9, 2015
The Toll of Defect Laws in Las Vegas
June 15, 2015

Lounging Around Vegas

citiesIt is no secret that there is plenty of activities to do in Las Vegas. Whether you like to be outdoors, indoors, gambling or seeing shows, it is hard to get bored.  Especially since there always seems to be a new hot spot to try.  There are 7 lounges in Las Vegas that are starting to take the lime light as they renovate.  New attractions means new people and new business opportunities in the area.  If you haven’t found your spot yet, why not look into these up and coming places? Many, during the day, offer a place to plug in and get business done. And then a place to relax, listen to music, and get some drinks at night. What does this mean for the real estate world? More attractions! The night club life has been a huge success in Vegas, but what about the people that think it’s a little too much? Invite them to try the new lounges all over the city where you can relax, chat, and enjoy yourself.  Read more about the newer lounges below and see which ones you would like to check out!

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