How to Handle a Novice Buyer Who Doesn’t Know What He Wants in a Property

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February 2, 2015
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February 12, 2015

How to Handle a Novice Buyer Who Doesn’t Know What He Wants in a Property

uncertainbuyerSelling real estate is an art in itself and one must understand the needs of the customers upfront. However, there are some customers who cannot jot down their requirements or do not understand the features they need. In case of couples, you might hear a completely different requirement list from the husband and wife both. What would you do? Suggest a marriage counselor; probably not.

The key in these situations is to start with the regular steps including getting pre-approval from a local lender. A pre-approval will help you list down houses in your client’s budget and start picking out the ones perfect for them. You can start with a few houses that match the criteria of both husband and the wife.

Invite your clients for the showing and make sure to list down their priorities before driving out to the first house. Start with the first items in the list like a nearby school, shopping mall, and distance from the highway.

Some buyers would prefer houses that are ready to move in whereas others are happy with a house needing small modifications. It is best to show properties with sufficient room for modification and that are complete in every aspect. First time homebuyers have limited idea of reconstruction and remodeling so offer advice. You can cut the search to half by suggesting modifications that are within their budget and small enough to complete in time.

The primary areas of the house should require minimal work including a garage that offers sufficient space for two cars, kitchen, bathroom, and basement. You can put things like a pool or in-house bar on the secondary list.

Good behavior and helping attitude could go a long way for every single real estate agent. Offer help in getting the remodeling done by suggesting services of a contractor or guide the homebuyers to your known lenders.

The job of a good real estate agent extends beyond showing the house or completing all the legalities of the deal. It is about standing with your customers at every single step and helping them throughout the buying process.

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