How can you still find the best home in a hot sellers’ market

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December 20, 2014
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January 1, 2015

How can you still find the best home in a hot sellers’ market

bvesthomeFor those who are new to real estate investing or buying their first house, sellers’ market is the one with limited inventory and a strong demand for homes from able buyers. Sellers have an upper hand in these markets and buyers have to be ready for bidding wars. However, competing with buyers with experience and better financial resources could be riskier for first-time homebuyers.

How can you find the perfect house in a sellers’ market?

Sellers’ market is not the best place to for first-time buyers, even with all the finances ready for purchase. There is always an option to wait for inventory or you can develop a strategy that can still buy an impressive house in your budget.

Adopt early bird approach

A sellers’ market has plenty of desperate buyers and it pays to be an early bird. As soon as you find a new house listed on MLS, approach it at the earliest. Avoid waiting for the weekend because you may lose against other aggressive buyers.

Customize your offer as per seller’s requirements

Buying a home is going to take time and it would be excellent to get to know the seller. A lot of people sell their house to upgrade their housing conditions whereas others need a quick closure to move to their new house. Understand the requirements of your seller and make an offer that not only matches their expectations but also offers plenty of room to accommodate their requirements.

Work swiftly to close the deal

It pays to move swiftly in a sellers’ market and you should get pre-approval in advance. Sellers would appreciate an offer that eliminates risks such as home inspection clause. If you want to make a strong offer, get home inspection done upfront and spend as little time as possible on home appraisal process. Always be ready on the financial front so that the seller would stick to your offer.

Plan the purchase in advance

If you are left behind on multiple occasions, you might just not be ready for competition. It all comes down to your preparation of the sale and the time that you put into planning. Make sure to understand your finances before entering a real estate transaction and seek expert advice.

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