Open House Prep List You Need to Choose the Right Home

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October 15, 2014
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Open House Prep List You Need to Choose the Right Home

openhouseOpen houses are tricky and if we were to compare between a first date and an open house, it would have been a pretty close call. Buying a new house could be a roller coaster ride with enough ups and downs. Sometimes, you might find the right house but face a budget constraint or find the perfect house with too many competitors. The key to successful house hunting is to stay calm and prepare yourself for the process.

While finding your next house, you will end up attending several open houses. Unlike the regular social events, you should be attentive and ask questions without being nosy.

Start with a property recon

A little research can go a long way in house hunting and you don’t even need a professional for that. If you have a friend or relative living in the neighborhood, call them and ask about the property or market prices. In addition to it, you can use and similar websites to know more about the property. The key is to lower the element of surprise as much as possible.

Look for small details

You don’t need the attention-to-detail talents of Sherlock Holmes to find minor flaws. Try the basic amenities like trying the kitchen drawers, cabinetry, garage door, faucets, and the basement. Imagine you and your family living in the house: Is that a good picture? If you know a professional home inspector, you might want to invite them to a potential home viewing trip. A home inspector could help you spot minor or major problems with the house.

Questions won’t hurt

If you are considering a home for your family, it is important to ask questions and clear your doubts upfront. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments of your life and you are allowed to ask as many questions as you want. Just make sure to be respectful while asking the questions and do answer if the seller’s agent asks about your requirements.

Do not follow the competition

Open houses gather masses of interested buyers and you are likely to find several other homebuyers scanning through the property. It might pay to give an ear to their discussions but do not be intimidated. Everyone has specific requirements and a property that may look perfect for that savvy guy in the Mercedes might not be the right one for you.

Ask your agent to accompany you

First time homebuyers might feel uncomfortable during an open house. It makes perfect sense to ask your real estate agent to come along. Your agent would offer the professional expertise you might need to inspect the property. Keep in mind that your agent is on your side and you can rely on them for professional advice.

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