Buyer Advice: Are you ready to buy a house in another city?

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October 1, 2014
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Buyer Advice: Are you ready to buy a house in another city?

newcityhouseAre you planning to move to a new city this year? Many people shift to a new city either because of a new job or for starting a new family. As exciting as it is to move to another city, you have to be ready to face some housing challenges and things can be even more complicated when you are buying a new house. However, it is not an insurmountable task and several families have done it before. What you need is a strategy to buy the house and it is best to consult experts for guidance.

Top 5 tips for buying a new house in another city

Start by finding the neighborhood that fulfills your requirements and you need to create a priority list while looking for the neighborhood. Do you have school going children? How far is it from your office? Are you looking for a place closer to the highway? A list will ensure that you have considered all the important factors before choosing the locality.

Find a dependable real estate agent and make sure that the agent has experience in helping clients from other cities. The agent should be local and you can consult your friends or relatives living in the area for suggestions. Another way to find a real estate agent is through online reviews and you can even list down agents with specific experiences.

Make that first trip to the city and set reasonable expectations. Once you have a neighborhood in mind, visit the city and meet your real estate agent in person. Finding your dream home in a single trip is not likely to happen but your agent will get to understand your requirements and would be able to line similar properties for your next visits.

Use technology for virtual tours and your agent should be able to accommodate them as per your availability. You can use platforms like Skype to communicate with your agent and get a weekly progress report. Virtual tours can even allow you to direct questions and queries to the seller’s agent.

Find experts to close the transaction. Your agent would be able to guide you to the right professionals. Closing a transaction would require a real estate lawyer, lender, home inspector and even movers. Build a team in advance so that you can close the deal as quickly as possible after finding the right home.

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