How to choose the perfect lake house?

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How to choose the perfect lake house?

lakehouseHave you always dreamt about owning a lake house? Lake houses have a peculiar quality of attracting people and investors alike. A lake house greets its owners with scenic beauty and it is often the first choice among other vocational properties.

For investors, lake houses serve as excellent rental properties and are often preferred for parties or ceremonies. However, buying a lake house is an entirely different experience than any regular real estate purchase. You need to consider several factors starting with the availability of medical, transport, and shopping facilities.

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lake House

  • Distance from primary residence: The first and most important factor is the distance between the lake house and your primary residence. Always choose a lakeside property that lies within 2-3 hours of drive time so that you can spend more time in the house instead of travelling. Further, if you are planning to use it for rental or vocational purposes, keep in mind that the property should be easily accessible to your friends or potential customers.
  • Large lakeside view or pier appeal: While choosing a lake house, you should focus on the pier appeal of the property because that is where you will spend majority of your time. It is best to look for properties with large lakeside views. These houses should be built to offer maximum lake view and you can even choose larger windows for the perfect view.
  • Know about summer weather conditions: Lake Houses offer perfect atmosphere for enjoying vacations. If you have plans to enjoy summer with your family, choose a location that offers sound summer weather. Summer is a great time for swimming, fishing, and other water sports. Understanding the weather conditions will help you increase the months of enjoyment.
  • Understand lake restrictions: Lake Houses can deceive you with their scenic beauty and you might end up ignoring some important details. Consult a Lake House specialist realtor or agency before buying the property. Understand any boating restrictions surrounding your property, find out about high traffic areas, and private or public side of the beach.
  • Outdoor living space is a plus: Unlike regular city homes, lake houses are known for the atmosphere they offer. It is best to choose a house that offers extended outdoor living space so that you can enjoy your stay. It is crucial for rental lakeside properties because people prefer lake homes with enough space for small get together parties.

Lakeside properties are unique in terms of their accessibility, value, and curb appeal. Your regular Realtor may not have a profound understanding of lake properties. It is best to choose a realtor who has experience with similar properties and you can ask for their portfolio before choosing the professional.


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