Helpful Tips For Moving With Children

July 15, 2014
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August 1, 2014

Helpful Tips For Moving With Children

Helpful Tips for Moving with ChildrenAs if packing and moving all of your personal items and furniture wasn’t enough stress, when you add children into the mix it can be a little overwhelming. But trying to pack and move with the little ones can be a lot smoother of a transition than you think. By involving your children in the moving process, you can help keep them occupied while possibly saving a step or two along the way. Asking for help, creating fun projects or small packing and unpacking tasks will help get them involved and hopefully create a more relaxed atmosphere around for the move.

Here’s a few helpful tips on ways to incorporate your kids into your move:

  • Inform your children of the relocating so they are aware of it ahead of time. Remind them about the day as it draws near so they understand what their day is going to include.
  • Communicate with them about the move, get them to ask questions or be excited about what is about to take place.
  • If possible, visit your new home with your children to help them get a feel for the new place they are going to be living.
  • Ask for your children’s input on how the new home should be decorated or arranged. Who should get what room, or where should the television be put. The more interactive you can make the process the more their attention will be occupied with the move.
  • Let children pack their valuable items so they know everything important to them is going to arrive safely in one box. Let them decorate it or put their name on it to make it stand out from the rest of the boxes.
  • Prepare for your children’s new activities in their new community or at their new school. Make sure to continue the programs they are involved in after you move to help reduce any rebuff about the move.


Moving with children can be a rewarding experience for you and them. Depending on the age of the child and their character, change can be taken in many different ways. By involving your kids in the process, you help transition them to their new surroundings easier and in some cases create a fun, exciting adventure for them.

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