Home Staging Ideas for your Las Vegas Home

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July 7, 2014
July 15, 2014

Home Staging Ideas for your Las Vegas Home

homestaginWhen selling a house presentation is half the battle. First, let’s look at ways to improve the aesthetic look of the structural part of the home. Second, let’s look at decorative tips to really pull the home together and make it appealing to both sexes.

Clean those Bathrooms!
If a potential steps into a bathroom that has mold on the walls and/or floors this is a huge red flag. We know bathrooms can get a bit steamy and cause surface mold, but this is easily fixed. Take 1 part bleach and 2 parts water and spray down the walls – goodbye mold! Next, throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls to really make the square footage pop and be sure to use neutral colors so to appeal to both female and male buyers. The same technique can be used on floors to rid of mold, but to make it pop the grout must be cleaned and the trim must shine.

Spruce Up the Kitchen Cabinets!
Old and worn kitchen cabinets can be a huge red flag for potential buyers. With a little elbow grease those cabinets can go from outdated to modish. If they are already painted sand them down and choose a new paint or stain them. This may take some time to keep costs down, but in the end a clean, fresh kitchen is very appealing to buyers.

Large Landscape Paintings!
This prop may be difficult to attain and afford, but when used it literally opens up a room and is very dynamic. These appealing items can be found for low costs at second-hand stores OR you can create a DIY painting suitable for staging for close to nothing. Make the theme match the mood of the home. Inviting, warm, friendly…these are all great ideas.

Bring Life to a Room
Bringing life to a room is quite affordable and quick. Potential buyers will fall in love with this added touch and help them visualize it as their home. A couple ideas include fruit bowls and plants. If fruit are kept on tables put them in a clear bowl and use a colored fruit that matches the rooms theme. Plants are another great prop to bring life to a room. Various plants can be used depending on which room they are placed in. Lovely green, airy plants will open up a room while fresh herb and fruit plants will bring life to the kitchen. This also gives you a chance to add more color to rooms with planter pots.

Happy Staging!!

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