How to promote FSBO’s to list with you

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June 30, 2014
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July 8, 2014

How to promote FSBO’s to list with you

How to promote FSBO’s to list with youWhy should a seller list with a realtor and what are the benefits of doing so? Some sellers who decide to list as for sale by owner choose this option for a couple different reasons. Reasons sellers list as FSBO

  • Sellers don’t want to pay the commission fees
  • Sellers don’t want to deal with an agent
  • Seller could not find an agent
  • Seller has a real estate license
  • Agent was unable to sell home
  • Seller sold to a relative, friend, or neighbor
  • Buyer contacted seller directly

So how can you as a realtor counter all of these reasons? Reasons the realtor should reiterate to the seller

  • Show availability for open houses and showings
  • Buyers usually contact an agent when looking for a home due the ethics and confidentiality of their contact information. The seller is more likely to have more prospective buyers
  • Time! If a seller is listing online there is a small window open to prospective buyers. Using a realtor is like using a network. Also, the time that goes into keeping the listing up to date could be done for efficiently with the use of a realtor.
  • Capturing the buyers’ attention. Realtors are trained pretty well in this area whereas a seller may not know what to accentuate about the home to catch the buyers’ eye.
  • Many FSBO’s end up selling for less than market price by nearly 20% because most buyers deduct around 6% from the sales price because they want the profit.
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