New Free App From A La Mode – RE:Focus

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May 13, 2014
Better to Rent or Buy?
May 26, 2014

New Free App From A La Mode – RE:Focus

New Free App From A La Mode

A great tool for sharing data and collaborating with clients has been developed with integrating Evernote into A la mode’s mobile MLS app for agents. This app makes it easier than ever for real estate agents and real estate brokers to share property information, market data and analytics with their clients, or even collaborate with them when home searching.

“Once the information is in Evernote, everyone has access on their mobile devices while on a home tour, The depth of data and variety of analytics makes RE:Focus far superior to other CMA and content tools available to agents” said a la mode Chief Product Officer Brad Eaton in a statement

The best part of all, is the app is free to use. MLSs and Associations gain the ability to offer a mobile MLS app with no investment of their own.

Here are a few features:

Your MLS on the iPad

Big decisions like buying or selling a home shouldn’t be based on estimates or emotion, they should be based on facts.  But your clients are seeing all kinds of outdated, inaccurate information and building some pretty wild expectations.  That’s why RE:Focus uses the gold standard of accurate, up-to-date MLS data.  It lets you show your clients accurate local market trends, manage their expectations, and help them make smarter, faster decisions.

Las Vegas Real Estate Broker, App for Real Estate Agents

RE:Focus Screenshot

An incredible user experience

RE:Focus on the iPad revolutionizes the way you interact with your MLS data.  No more fighting text boxes and scrolling through drop-down menus on an outdated website.  With RE:Focus, you’ll tap, pinch, and swipe your way through the data in a way that’s actually enjoyable.  It’s quick, flexible, and interactive.

Real Estate Agents in Las Vegas - Tools to help las vegas real estate agents

RE:Focus App screenshot

Powerful analytics bring data to life

See the numbers that matter with just a few swipes.  What used to take hours of fighting complex calculations and spreadsheets, takes just seconds with RE:Focus.  Interactive charts and graphs showing things like pricing trends, sales levels, and inventory, make the data real to your clients.  It’s not an estimate, and it’s not a broad, nation-wide report.  It’s facts, it’s local, and it’s what they want.

Easily export customizable reports to use in all your marketing and social media.  Don’t just tell buyers and sellers you’re the local market expert.  Show them.


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RE:Focus Screenshot


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