Why Craigslist is Your Best Friend in Real Estate Leads

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June 13, 2013
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July 29, 2013

Why Craigslist is Your Best Friend in Real Estate Leads

Craigslist’s size, volume and community interaction is a gold mine for all real estate agents that are trying to generate leads online. The best part of all, in most cities, craigslist is absolutely free making it a invaluable resource in your lead-generating tools. You can create an ad for each individual property, or a general ad that displays all of your properties at once. The best part of all, is you need little if any knowledge of html code. Simple online html code editors will more than suffice for your ad listing.

Given the fact that craigslist is free, and multiple agents, even scam artists can get away with posting their own listings, be sure to create an ad that has legitimacy to it. Provide your company contact information so a viewer can easily get a hold of you for more information. Never list anything that may come across as “too good to be true”, or ads designed to bait and switch.

Keep in mind, most people on craigslist are looking for a deal. Most craigslist viewers are trying to get the most for their money, so you may come across several dead end leads. But in this case, is a few bad leads worth it if you come across one good lead? We think so…

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