Drop in Delinquencies Good for Housing Market
February 17, 2013
Las Vegas Home Values Have Sky Rocketed and Are Expected to Rise Further
April 1, 2013


The State Board of hears and determines all appeals from action of County Boards of Equalization. This State Board also hears and determines direct appeals from valuations of the Nevada Tax Commission and other appeals as provided by law.

In the State of Nevada, any taxpayer who disagrees with the Assessor as to the taxable value of his or her property may appeal to the County Board of Equalization. This appeal process is designed to allow any property owner a means and method in which to ensure that his/her property is equitably valued by the Assessor. It is not necessary to use an attorney or agent in this situation as many taxpayers choose to present their own cases
The Board members are not employed by the Assessor and are paid a daily wage lower than what they would usually make with their private practice. Most board members consider being apart of the board as a form of community service – a way to use their skills to give back to the community. The County Board of Equalization may only address matters relative to value or property value equity.

Any change the Board makes is effective only for the fiscal year for which the assessment was made. The Board has no authority to hear cases where the only issue is the ability to pay taxes or the tax abatement amount.

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