Getting The Information You Need Through Questions

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February 6, 2013
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February 17, 2013

Getting The Information You Need Through Questions

The key to find out more of what you need to know is asking the right questions. Unless you are a mind reader, you cannot avoid the necessity of questions. If you don’t ask, you are essentially assuming, which can lead to you misrepresenting yourself or your client. We must change our focus from the answers to the questions.

Questions are universal to reducing your time of investment whether you are a CEO, in administration, or sales. For example: pretend  you are in a sales meeting trying to achieve a sale of your services. If you want to save time, you must ask questions that center around the prospects’ DNA2. DNA2 stands for desire, need, ability, and authority. To reduce our time investment and shrink the decision timeline we must ask questions. We must do this before we even discuss our services or solutions. Whether you are selling a service, product, or series of ideas, questions must precede the discussion of services. If you look at it, we all are salesmen in our everyday lives – asking the right questions helps us achieve that sale with the least amount of time invested.

Far too many of individuals attempt to “wing it” when it comes to our verbal sales pitch. We tend to just go with the flow. Whether you are in management, administration, sales, service, human resources or any other facet of business, preparation in advance is essential!  Proper preparation will result in much more effective communication and comprehension from your audience.

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