Residential Landscaping in Las Vegas: Increase Your Client’s Home Value with These Tips

December Las Vegas Real Estate Newsletter from eRealty
December 6, 2012
Short Sales 101 for Home Buyers
December 12, 2012

Residential Landscaping in Las Vegas: Increase Your Client’s Home Value with These Tips

Most people wishing to sell their homes come to you with questions on how to improve the interior of their residence in order to maximize sale value. However, the landscaping of the home is often an easier and less expensive fix. Here are some specific things your client needs to know about landscaping in order to make a better sale:

1. Create a Place of Beauty
Subconsciously, interested buyers will compare the outside of the home to what is inside, even if they have not yet walked through the front door. They will assume that if the yard is unkempt or ugly, then the home’s interior is as well. Help educate your client on the emotional aspect of buying a home and how a lovely yard will appeal to that sense.

2. Selling is More Than Market Value
While most clients have done careful research on what their home is worth, they may not realize what makes their property more likely to sell. The fact that two properties have similar market values does not have bearing on which home will sell the fastest. It goes back to making the buyer want to purchase your client’s home as opposed to a similar priced home with mediocre landscaping.

3. Focus on the Most Profitable Changes
One way to be sure your client’s home stands out among available properties is to make sure it looks different. Curved walkways are more inviting than straight walks and L-shaped turns which are more common to front yards. These curves present more areas for landscaping and plant life, which creates visual interest. If the client has a steep area in the yard that is hard to maintain, suggest terraces in the landscaping plan.

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