Creating Word-of-Mouth Buzz About Your Services as an Agent

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November 4, 2012
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November 12, 2012

Creating Word-of-Mouth Buzz About Your Services as an Agent

Everyone knows that the real estate business is only as profitable as you make it. Blood, sweat and tears go into building, maintaining, and growing your client base and sales revenue. As we settle into the information age, many of us have discovered that our clients are now more educated than ever.

Real estate has always been a word-of-mouth industry, but this has now become even more prominent as many consumers are highly suspicious of advertising and more trusting of the first hand experience of their relatives and friends. Traditional methods of advertising are now virtually ignored by the new, skeptical consumer–but this can be turned into an advantage for those who don’t have the big bucks of the big real estate firms.

Creating word-of-mouth buzz is as simple as providing solid, conscientious service and keeping friendly contact with your clients. By fostering these client relationships you will create a pattern of trust that will grow across your network. Periodic reminders in the form of holiday greeting cards and–for a personal touch–even birthday cards can be a great way to keep you in their mind.

Don’t be afraid to extend yourself. In the world of business there can never be too much networking. When you feel you have done your client the best job possible, ask for a testimony. Keep up a blog, and regularly engage the people who comment on it. Create a social media presence and keep active in events. The best way to create word-of-mouth buzz is to keep yourself visible and on people’s minds.

A real estate career is in many cases a social career that depends as much on your social skills as your financial acumen. Remember to be conscientious in all of your dealings and to provide gentle, but consistent, reminders that you are around and ready for business. When in doubt, people are far more likely to go with someone they feel familiar and comfortable with.

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