Effective time management is critical to success. Here are some tips that might help you eliminate time wasting clients

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October 24, 2012
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November 1, 2012

Effective time management is critical to success. Here are some tips that might help you eliminate time wasting clients

Effective time management can be achieved in any work environment, depending on how well certain techniques are implemented, and how consistently they are applied. The key to proper time management is relevancy, paired with a practical since of priorities and which tasks need to be done first to most effectively boost consumer relations.

An important part of the job as a Real Estate Agent is to sort out the clients which are serious contenders and can afford to make such purchases from the “time wasters”, or those that are just fantasizing but have no real intentions of doing business. These distinctions can be difficult to make at first for new agents but spotting them is a skill that becomes second nature to those who have been in the industry for very long at all.

A long standing tip for distinguishing between these clients is to trust your gut feeling, especially if you are already experienced with consumer relations and can gauge the true intentions of a potential client. Some people have this ability by sheer intuition and are born with a talent, but most of us have to be in the industry a little while to develop this sixth sense.

Once you have it, you will not lose this ability and it will be your most prized skill throughout the rest of your real estate career. Aside from this method of telling apart clients, it is important to look at key signs of eagerness to buy. A real buyer will not be looking to waste time playing games, they want to get out of there and get the task done so that they can go back to having a normal life, without dealing with real estate issues.

This will come through in your discussions with the potential client, and when you learn how to read clients well enough it will be obvious what they are there for. This is certainly not an extensive list of all the ways to tell if clients are serious about real estate or not, but some simple yet easy to implement practices that will save much time and money in the future.

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