Do You Have a Blog? Plan to Start One? Here’s Some Information on Blog Etiquette

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Do You Have a Blog? Plan to Start One? Here’s Some Information on Blog Etiquette

Real estate blogs are essential for any real estate agent’s success today. Fortunately, blogs are extremely easy to set up, and there are no costs associated with them either. As a matter of fact, many agents use their blogs as their main websites, saving them a lot of money every year, by avoiding the need to maintain both a blog and a website.

Get Your Participants Involved

If you want to start a blog, one of the first things you need to do is set guidelines for blog etiquette. This is essential, especially if you have a lot of participants within your blog. You can even get your participants involved in setting rules for dialogue by beginning a discussion, pertaining to their thoughts on blog rules and policies. This has proven to be highly effective, as it shows potential clients that you care about what they think.

Keep Rules Simple

It is essential to note that the fewer rules you have, the better, and you should keep them simple and easy to remember. When creating rules, it is best to ask yourself what rules are actually needed. Are people abusing the blog, and are they attacking other participants? These questions will help you determine what rules you may need to add. Following are four common rules that should be added to most any blogs.

1. First of all, you may want to stipulate that there is to be no cussing.

2. Participants need to stay on-topic.

3. Additionally, you should stipulate that there is to be no self-promoting.

4. Finally, participants are not to post such things as private emails or other person’s work.

In conclusion, if you have a real estate blog, or you plan to start one, you may want to consider creating a few rules of etiquette for users to follow. In creating rules for your blog, remember that less is best. However, there are a few rules you will want to include as stated above.

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