Is your real estate bio strong enough to draw new clients? You might benefit from the 10 steps in this article.

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Is your real estate bio strong enough to draw new clients? You might benefit from the 10 steps in this article.

In this high tech world, it’s not uncommon for potential clients to immediately look up their real estate agent. Since your bio is likely the first thing that a potential client will see it needs to present you in the best possible light. Here are ten steps that you can use to ensure that your bio has the credibility to represent you.

1. Ensure that your real estate bio is the first thing clients see. Try searching for your name on Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your bio isn’t the first hit, you may have a problem–even worse if it leads to a social site. Consult your firm’s search engine optimization agent.

2. Get a professional picture taken. Real estate has a long history of presenting itself in a very specific, highly polished way.

3. Give as much detail as possible. Remember, every fact about yourself is just another opportunity for a client to connect with you! Maybe they went to the same University, or used to live in a state that you moved from.

4. Get everything proofread. There’s nothing worse than a missed, glaring typo in what should be the most professional document you have. You don’t want to give potential clients reasons to doubt your ability.

5. Stick to professional topics. Though you want to give a lot of detail, keep it professional. Talking in detail about your children or hobbies may confuse people.

6. Underscore your own achievements. Think about yourself as though you’re selling a piece of real estate.

7. Be specific about what you can do for the client. There are many branches of real estate, and you should let your client know exactly what you do and what you can provide for them.

8. Tap your old clients for praise. Many clients are more than happy to give you a great review which you can then put on your bio to add credibility.

9. Link to your current work. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a link to your current listings. This not only helps exposure, it also shows that you’re currently active.

10. Make it easy to contact you. Put all of your professional contact information in a highly visible place and keep it constantly up to date.

With these ten simple steps you can carefully craft a real estate bio that will present you in a thorough, professional and capable way.

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