Real Estate Agents: Is working from home right for you?

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September 28, 2012
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Real Estate Agents: Is working from home right for you?

Working at home can be extremely beneficial for a lot of people, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking about working from home, here are a few aspects that you should consider first.

  • Can you establish boundaries with your family?For a real estate agent who lives alone or with a respectful spouse, this isn’t a problem. However, an agent that has young children may have difficulties turning the family mode off and the work mode on. While it can be wonderful to be around your family, it’s important that it doesn’t impede your financial stability.
  • Is your clientele home-friendly?Most of the work of a real estate agent is done at properties, so you’ll never need to consider this. But some real estate agents do have clients that want to meet and go over things in the office. Will these clients be dissuaded by a home office? You’ll need to consider the atmosphere as well as the type of client you usually bring in. Higher end clients in larger cities may not be fond of having to venture into the suburbs. However, most real estate companies will allow you to use office space for client meetings for paperwork.
  • Can you leave your work in the office?As an agent, you already work more hours than most professions. The ability to turn off work mode and relax can be critical for your well-being and sanity. For some, it’s as easy as moving on to the next task. Others might feel burdened by the knowledge that they’re sleeping just a few feet away from their office desk. Consider whether or not living in the same place you work will have a psychological toll.

While there are a few things to consider about working from home, there are immense benefits as well. You can spend more time with family, enjoy some substantial home office tax write offs, and work in the convenience of your own personal space. Since everyone is different, only you can tell whether or not working from home would work for you.

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