Three simple home organization suggestions that prospective buyer love to see

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September 24, 2012
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October 2, 2012

Three simple home organization suggestions that prospective buyer love to see

There are three techniques that the top real estate agents follow every time they show a home.

When your perspective client walks into that home they need to see three simple things, cleanliness, spaciousness and attractiveness.

Having a clean home to show means making sure that home is basically spotless inside and out. Get rid of spots on the carpet, on walls, on counter tops and even on the ceiling if need be, the cleaner the better. Do not have anything unsightly laying around and this includes trash, pet hair or items clutter of any kind. Have a professional service go in and clean if necessary.

Once you’ve wiped out he dirt and cleared the clutter then you will want to create an atmosphere of spaciousness. When people feel cramped they want to get away into a more free environment. Make sure the house you show has that feeling of freedom by removing any excess furniture, personal items or nick nacks. Creating a space that feels spacious and unencumbered will give the potential client the feeling of being comfortable.

After you have appealed to their comfort level, appeal to their eyes by having a professional decorate. Research has shown that homes spiced up by decorators sell faster and for higher prices. People respond when they are shown the potential benefits so get showy with your home and spice it up.

Following these three simple steps will help any agent become a better seller.

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