Ten tips to keep your sellers informed and happy

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September 17, 2012
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September 24, 2012

Ten tips to keep your sellers informed and happy

If you communicate regularly with your clients, you will give them confidence that you are working hard on their behalf. Here are ten tips on how to keep your sellers informed about what you have done to sell their home and what you intend to do to sell their home quickly and at a good price.

1) Tell your sellers the number of buyers who have viewed the property in the past week.

2) Make your sellers aware of the number of people who have called about the listing

3) Let the sellers know how many potential buyers are scheduled to view their home in the coming week.

4) Email or call clients once a week to share with them news of any buyers who seemed particularly interested in their property.

5) Email or call once a week to share with sellers any comments by potential buyers whether positive or negative. This has a benefit for the agent too. It will inform the sellers of potential house flaws and encourage them to fix the negatives. It will also encourage them to keep the positives unchanged.

6) Keep the clients informed about other sales in the area so that they know the average home price in their neighborhood. This is especially important if they’ve insisted on a higher price than you think is right.

7) Call them to let them know if any potential buyer has scheduled a second viewing of their home.

8) Give your sellers a copy of any advertising you have done in newspapers or magazines.

9) Inform the sellers of any social media marketing you’ve done on their behalf.

10) Answer a seller’s phone calls as soon as possible, so they know you are available and interested in what they have to say.


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