How are your negotiating skills? Here are three tips to make you a more effective negotiator for your client

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How are your negotiating skills? Here are three tips to make you a more effective negotiator for your client

The high stakes arena of negotiation can be stressful and even anxiety producing for some. Your charisma can make or break a deal regardless of your presentation, the numbers, the facts or the product. Luckily many of us find that arguing for a client or third-party is significantly less arduous than having to represent ourselves. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible scenario for your client, no matter what the situation.

1. Believe in your client. You wouldn’t be negotiating for your client if you didn’t respect and trust them–and even if you don’t, convince yourself that you do. Your audience is skeptical, cynical and well-educated. They will be able to tell if you are insincere, and there is something overwhelmingly powerful and inspiring about someone who truly believes in what they’re selling.

2. Prepare, and then prepare again. You should mentally simulate your negotiations until you feel fully satisfied with every scenario and question that may arise. Ask yourself questions that they may ask of you, and don’t shy away from the difficult ones. A graceful answer to a hardball question will gain you respect and trust, even if the answer isn’t a completely positive one.

3. Fake it until you make it. Many people, when confronted by negotiations, argue that they’re simply not a people person. Most of us aren’t naturally charismatic, but thanks to years of social research we can learn how to fake it–at least long enough to get through the meeting. Remember the core tenets of being socially aggressive: make eye contact, touch people for emphasis and use firm, confident speech.

When we negotiate it’s often less about the facts and more about two dominant personalities feeling each other out. By fully preparing, believing in your client and displaying a socially confident demeanor you can present yourself, and your client, in the best possible fashion.


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