What does this Google generation want? How to market your next listing to them

September Las Vegas Real Estate Newsletter from eRealty
September 1, 2012
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September 5, 2012

What does this Google generation want? How to market your next listing to them

The invention of the Internet has clearly changed the world as we know it, information on anything is available at any given moment with the push of few buttons. We certainly do live in the information age and people are more informed and less inclined to fall prey to a lack of awareness. People are more curious then ever before and almost everyone can use Google to find the answers or information they seek to any question. So, what does all this mean for the qualified real estate agent seeking to market their listings online? The answer: features.

The more features an agent can list for their home the more perspective buyers they will draw. Don’t just list the features, describe them with passion. Get creative, be explicit and highlight the absolute best characteristics. What is special about your house? Make sure you describe those special features in a way that is unique and inspiring. No matter what type of home you are selling find at least 10 great features and let a creative thinker bring them to life in your listings.

If you have to, hire a freelance writer to paint a beautiful picture for you! Writer’s have a way of bringing out into the conscious mind what typically is perceived only in the subconscious by the average person. This is the type powerful imagery you want to convey in your listings. This is what will capture the attention of Googler’s near and far.

We live in an age that modern man has never seen before. What draws people in today is not what attracted people to purchase 25 years ago, but this is a good thing. Allow technology to be used to your advantage. A smart buyer is an informed buyer and with so much information available on Google almost anyone can get exactly what they are looking for if the write language pops out at them and draws them in.


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