Cultivating your local community to grow your business. Take a look at these four tips!

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August 17, 2012
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Cultivating your local community to grow your business. Take a look at these four tips!

Buyers and sellers seek out real estate agents they feel they know and can trust. By socializing and advertising in your local community, you can extend your circle of potential clients quickly and easily and grow your business from community roots up.

1) Volunteer

An hour a week of volunteering at the senior community center can bring you a good feeling and a whole circle of potential clients. Senior citizens are often wary of putting the family home up for sale by a complete stranger even though many of them want to downsize to a more manageable home.

If you have school-age children, join the PTA and help out on a school committee or event. Not only will you be helping your children and your children’s school, you’ll meet a slew of new people who may be ripe for buying or selling a home.

2) Join civic, professional or business clubs

Local civic, professional or business clubs are filled with the movers and shakers of your community. By joining one or more of these organizations, you will meet many new people who are also equally interested in finding a like-minded real estate agent just like you.

3) Advertise in community ad books

Community ad books are a great advertising bargain, and they target your neighborhood residents. For only a few dollars, you can have your business card appear in the local band ad book, the town’s Democratic picnic ad book, the Republican Lincoln Dinner ad book and many other similar ad books that generate income for worthy causes. Your name will stand out as someone who supports the community.

4) Participate in community projects

Help out at the town-wide art show or donate a few hours to help build a new play area at the local park. Anytime you connect with new people doing a selfless act, you win the admiration and respect of local residents which translates to listings and sales.

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