Checklist for sales success. Your top ten sales tools for your next listing

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August 13, 2012
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August 20, 2012

Checklist for sales success. Your top ten sales tools for your next listing

Don’t let a new listing be a secret. Advertise your new listing in every way possible to reach the greatest amount of potential buyers.

1) Word of mouth

One of the top marketing tools you have at your disposal is word of mouth. Tell everyone you know about the new listing, and ask your friends and family to share the details with everyone they know.

2) Newspapers

Sunday papers often focus on the latest homes up for sale. Be sure to include your new listing in your local paper. If the budget allows, run the listing in neighboring towns and counties too.

3) Direct Mail

Go through your client data base and select people who might have an interest in your listing. Look for people who live near the new listing or who are considering a move.

4) Webpage

Most likely your agency has a great website where you can showcase your listing. If not, create your own website that shows all your listings that are currently for sale.

5) Blog

Create a blog that is more casual and friendly than your formal website. This is a place for you to talk about your new listing in a relaxed manner. Upload photos, discuss the neighborhood, local restaurants or other interesting facts and be sure to respond to comments if you receive any.

6) Twitter

Tweet your new listing on Twitter and give enough details in the tweet so that people searching for homes will find your listing.

7) Facebook

Create a Facebook page to showcase all your listings and to attract new clients.

8) Pinterest

Create a Pinterest board just for your listing. Pin photos of the property, inside and out, so people can see the home’s features.

9) LinkedIn

Add your new listing to your LinkedIn updates.

10) Cable TV home-finder channel

If your cable company advertises homes for sale, look into adding your listing to their lineup.

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