Five Ways to Make Your Newsletters, Ads and Communications Memorable

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August 9, 2012
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Five Ways to Make Your Newsletters, Ads and Communications Memorable

Effective marketing is the key to any Realtors ultimate success. There are many ways to market yourself and your business, and a few terrific ways are through newsletters, ads and other communications. However, for these forms of marketing to be truly effective, you have to make them interesting and memorable. Just how do you accomplish this though?

1. Create a Compelling Title or First Line

Newsletters and ads will be of no value, if people do not read them. With that said, you need to catch the attention of the readers. You can accomplish this by creating a compelling title or first line that will encourage them to continue reading.

2. Become Involved with Your Writing

Chances are, if you think your writing is boring, other people will as well. Place yourself in the readers shoes and write what you think they want to know about. Answer any questions that you think they may ask, and make sure you offer clear and easy-to-understand answers.

3. Use Attractive Photos or Graphics

Readers will relate more to your material if they can see what you have to offer. Adding such things as photos of homes, photos of rooms within homes, and a photo of you will go a long way in making your communications attractive and personal.

4. Use Conversational Dialogue

Using occasional conversational dialogue will make readers feel as if you are really speaking to them. Your goal is to steer readers away from trying to decide if they want to retain your services or not, and guide them into thinking that your services will help them get what they want.

5. End with a Strong Call to Action

Always include a clear and strong call to action at the end of your communications. Let your readers know how to contact you and include all of your current contact information.

The main goal in written communications is to make the material memorable and interesting. There are several ways that you can do this, but the above tips are the top five. If you strive to apply these five tips to your newsletters and ads, you just may rise above your competition.

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