Need to prepare your seller for their showing? Here are five things to keep in mind.

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Need to prepare your seller for their showing? Here are five things to keep in mind.

The seller usually overvalues their home while the buyer is apt to undervalue the property. Buyers and sellers have a natural antagonism towards each other that has to be kept to a minimum.

Here are ways to encourage sellers to help you present their home in the best light by purely focusing on the sellers’ best interest and avoiding references to the buyers’ point of view.

1) Cajole rather than criticize

Instead of telling the sellers they must remove all sports trophies and their glass animal collection from the mantel and window sills, point out that you don’t want anything to happen to their precious collections, so it’s better to pack them away to keep them safe.

2) Praise their pets

You may want to point out to your sellers that their stinky, old dog and cat’s litterbox have odors that are a huge turnoff to buyers, but don’t do it. Instead explain how much you adore animals, but in your experience, animals are happier and safer if they are not present during an open house.

3) Finesse not force

Some home owners will be insulted if you ask them to remove furnishings to make the rooms seem bigger. Gently explain to the sellers that open houses create heavy traffic, and there will be many people walking around.

4) Control controversy

Tell the sellers that they have impeccable taste, gorgeous nude paintings on their walls or a fantastic gun and sword collection. Although you appreciate fine art or antique weapons, some children may be attending the open house and you’d like the sellers to pack away their belongings for safe keeping.

5) Show rather than tell

One great way to get a seller aware of what a house should look like at an open house is to invite them to see a few listings in the area. Pick homes that are perfect examples of being open-house ready, so they can mimic what they see.

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