Communication techniques that Realtors can use to turn prospects into listing clients

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August 1, 2012
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August 5, 2012

Communication techniques that Realtors can use to turn prospects into listing clients

Leads or prospective clients can become your buyers or sellers of the future. However, be careful how you communicate with them. If you call too often, you may turn your prospects off. If you contact them in an impersonal way, they’ll see your communications as an annoyance or spam. These examples of effective communication techniques can help your clients get off the fence and onto your list of active clients.


Newsletters are a great way to engage your leads’ interest and stay in the information loop. Once a month or every other month, email or send a newsletter to names on your lead list. Include valuable information that will interest the reader and include all your contact information.

You can highlight a few of your listings, but add generic content that will grab attention and get your newsletter read. Consider including:

u2022 Some do-it-yourself tips.
u2022 Seasonal recipes.
u2022 A question and answer section.
u2022 Trends in home decorating or
u2022 Gardening tips.

Personalize information

Whether you are emailing or calling a potential client, use any information you have about your leads to personalize your contact. Rather than say, I have a new home just listed with a large loft over the garage, pitch the home in a more personal way. For example, you can say, “Susan, I found this house that has a great loft over the garage. I thought of you, as last time we talked you were looking for space to set up an art studio.”

Quote your leads

Write down or save what your leads tell or email you. Let’s say your lead says they won’t be looking for a new home until August 2012. Mid-July, make your contact and say, “John, last we spoke you said you weren’t going to start looking for a new home until August. I’m just now focusing in on homes that you might be interested in. Is there a good time to talk and go over paperwork?

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