Facebook and Twitter are Two of the Best Places to Generate Leads. Interested? Here are Some Tips for You.

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Facebook and Twitter are Two of the Best Places to Generate Leads. Interested? Here are Some Tips for You.

One of the best ways for people to generate leads today is through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These websites are currently the two largest social media sites and networking platforms in the world today. With nearly a billion people using Facebook and about 500,000 people using Twitter, anybody can see the potential value in using these sites for a marketing campaign.

The Value of Facebook and Twitter

Real estate marketing can be extremely competitive; and for people to rise above their competition, they need to tap into these social media markets. Facebook and Twitter have become so popular that they even passed by Google, getting the most traffic in one day. This means that these social sites are becoming bigger than Google, which is quite an accomplishment, indeed.

The best thing about using Facebook and Twitter to generate leads is that it makes potential clients feel “close” to you. Social media profiles are much more personal than simply having a basic website, and they offer many more opportunities to interact with potential clients.

Methods to Generate Leads

There are many ways you can market both yourself and your services on these sites. Keep in mind that your goal is to generate more leads; and the more leads you have, the more commissions you can earn. Following are some ways to market your services on Facebook and Twitter


*Profile Updates



*Fan Pages

*Social Ads


*The Marketplace

*Friend Requests

In closing, it is essential to note that simply having an account with these social media sites will not promise you success. For you to be truly successful, you must keep up with your social media site. This means that you need to keep consistent updates to let people know about any new listings or information, and you need to communicate with your followers.

When you follow these tips, your sure to see success in what you do.

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