What are the characteristics of a great real estate agent? Check out this top 10 list!

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July 8, 2012
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What are the characteristics of a great real estate agent? Check out this top 10 list!

1) Eagerness

To be a great real estate agent, you must be eager to view new properties simply because one of these homes may be the perfect match for one of your clients.

2) Enthusiasm

If you get excited opening the front door to a new property, you will project this excitement to potential buyers.

3) Persistence

You may have shown your buyers 49 homes and they didn’t like a single one. However, the very next house may be the one they want to buy, so don’t give up.

4) Patience

Both buyers and sellers may feel frightened about selling or buying a home. They may waffle and change their minds. You have to be patient because patience will often translate into a listing or a sale.

5) Optimism

The house needs cleaning and decluttering, but you can see its potential because of your positive attitude. If you see the home’s possibilities, you can often make the buyer see them too.

6) Organization skills

You need to have a good filing system and be organized to keep all important paperwork at your fingertips.

7) Well-groomed appearance

Your buyers will gain confidence in you, if they see you have a professional appearance and a neat and tidy car.

8) Friendliness

A friendly agent puts both buyers and sellers at ease. Act like you enjoy your job and your clients, and you’ll be sure to make more sales.

9) Attention to details

Check and double check all your paperwork so that you don’t lose a sale or a listing because you are unprepared.

10) Pluck

Becoming a successful real estate agent has more to do with pluck than with luck. Don’t be afraid to hand out your business card to acquaintances or pursue potential listings by phone.

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