Develop Good Habits During Your Down Times. Try These Five Time-Maximizing Tips!

July Las Vegas Real Estate Newsletter from eRealty
July 1, 2012
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July 4, 2012

Develop Good Habits During Your Down Times. Try These Five Time-Maximizing Tips!

For real estate agents to be successful, they must use their time wisely and strive to maximize it. Agents who use their time randomly often end up being average performers. Time is a valuable and personal commodity and only you hold the key to your success. You must be committed and motivated to make the most of any down time you may have.

1. Plan Your Days

There are many mistakes that Realtors make, and perhaps the biggest one is that they do not plan their days in advance. Even when they do plan, many do not stick with their plans, and they often change their agendas.

2. Locate New Contacts

Agents need to make sure that they spend a minimum of half their working day locating new contacts and keeping in touch with existing ones. Morning is the best time to call, and about 50 calls per morning is a terrific goal. You may not reach everyone you call, but you need to strive to make at least two or three appointments each day.

3. Do Not Let Others Control Your Time

Never let other people control your time. You need to learn to say no to people who will not help your success. If you do not take a hold of your time, others will. Keep in mind that your success is much more important to you than theirs, and only you can control how you handle it.

4. Keep Track of Your Contacts

Always keep track of your contacts and their phone numbers, so that you know who you should and should not keep pursuing. It is useless to pursue people who are not interested in your services. Create a targeted contact list.

5. Keep a Journal

Keep a written journal of any results you accomplish. This can be contact results, open house results or anything else you think will help you at a later date. Journals can help you with the above tips as well. When people follow these five useful tips, they are sure to see some success.

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