Three Tricks to Attract Real Buyers to Your Open House

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June 18, 2012
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Three Tricks to Attract Real Buyers to Your Open House

When conducting an open house, it is essential for real estate agents to perform everything professionally. It is a fact that professionalism attracts not only serious buyers, but it also attracts higher prices, as well. Following are three useful and effective tricks that will help attract real buyers to your open house.

1. Perhaps the most effective trick in attracting buyers to an open house is to make use of open house signs and flyers. Placing signs and flyers in areas where there is a lot of traffic, such as intersections and busy shopping centers, can attract serious home buyers.

In addition to placing signs at intersections and shopping centers, agents should be sure to place a sign in front of the home, as well. Signs are effective forms of advertising, and they can catch people’s attention easily. Signs, when placed strategically, will also help potential buyers locate the home in question.

2. Another trick to attracting real buyers to your open house is to offer colorful brochures to everyone who signs in. Brochures are great in that they can give people information pertaining to the home, and people can take the material with them to study it further. Agents will not want to forget to include their contact information within the brochures, as well, so that potential buyers can call them.

3. Finally, perhaps the most effective trick to attract buyers to your open house is to offer snacks or small gifts during the event. This can be highly effective, as it creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while people visit the home. It is also a fabulous idea for agents to include their names and phone numbers on any free gifts they distribute during the open house.

The above three tricks are just a few of the many effective things that agents can do to attract buyers to an open house. If they follow these suggestions, they are sure to appear professional and be successful in their endeavors. They must remember that the key to a successful open house is always being prepared and appearing professional.

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