Be More Effective by Delegating These Three Recurring Tasks

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June 5, 2012
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June 13, 2012

Be More Effective by Delegating These Three Recurring Tasks

Delegating tasks is an important part of successful operation and growth for real estate businesses. Delegating means letting go and allowing others to take responsibility. This may be difficult, but it can save valuable time and allow you to be more effective in your main duties.

Recurring tasks in a business are ones that need to be done on an ongoing basis. They are often tasks that you used to do yourself but can now be handed off to others. Match the skills set required to the person to whom you are delegating and spend the time to properly train that person. This will ensure the task is done correctly and in a timely manner.

Personal Marketing

This legwork is often time-consuming and repetitive. It includes:

u2022 Mailing brochures and flyers.
u2022 Responding to personal letters.
u2022 Identifying advertising space.
u2022 Entering new contact information into database.
u2022 Creating fresh and new contact materials.
u2022 Stuffing envelopes and acquiring postage.

These are things you most likely did when first starting out but are now somewhat automated and organized. While these tasks are important, there is no reason why you have to be the one doing them.


While you will be the one negotiating the deal, others such as an assistant can take care of all necessary paperwork. They can follow up with customers and ensure all necessary papers are submitted. They can also help with much of the closing process, which can often drag on and take up a lot of time. Let others take the responsibility of making appointments for inspections and meetings, meeting deadlines and coordinating schedules of the parties involved.

Everyday Administrative Duties

Save lots of time by delegating out the everyday clerical duties such as answering phones, website maintenance and updating information. Coordinating events and setting up schedules can also be delegated. Other tasks that need to be remembered but may be difficult to fit in your day include:

u2022 Ordering office supplies.
u2022 Proofreading materials.
u2022 Putting up and taking down advertising materials.
u2022 Making copies.
u2022 Listing properties on the website as well as making hard copies.

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