Be a closer with these three sales-closing techniques

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June 1, 2012
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Be a closer with these three sales-closing techniques

The real estate market can be tricky, particularly in these difficult economic times. With the massive down turn in the housing market several years ago came foreclosures, defaults and many dissatisfied consumers and homeowners. The real estate industry however began to boom because the very homes being foreclosed were still homes needing to be sold.

The one key factor that made this possible during such difficult times was the ability to close a sale. What often seems like a very complicated task became evidently a simple process of assisting the consumer with their home buying needs. With that said, there are three simple steps one must take to become an effective closer.

1) Shift focus. An agent is there to assist the buyer, you provide a service that is specifically needed for that client at the right time. Instead of concerning yourself with what may go wrong in the deal, focus on how to make right things happen for the client by delivering a solution to their needs.

2) Get answers to questions while making the offer. Some agents never learn that in order to close a sale you must first make the offer. Even if you experience a rejection you often are able to find the source of the clients opposition and this can be used as a means of educating the client on their options. Keep in mind, you are the expert not the client. Often the problem is that they are just unaware of particulars and there is where your expert consideration comes into play. Focus on meeting their needs and they will pleased to close the sale.

3)Always follow up. If you receive one even two objections that does not mean the deal is off the table for good. One never knows what can happen within a very short time frame a change of heart, new information learned, advice from loved ones. Whatever the circumstance may be the opportunity is always there to close the sale even after you have received a no.

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