Build Momentum Through Small Wins

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May 17, 2012
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June 1, 2012

Build Momentum Through Small Wins

When it comes to achieving goals, many people feel they must think big and set high goals. Indeed, it is important to have an idea of what you want your business to be years down the road. However, that goal will only be achieved by
celebrating the small wins along the way.

Beliefs about what motivates people are transforming and the focus is shifting more toward incremental progress. It is the everyday progress that motivates and encourages people to continue working toward their goals.

A long-term goal can seem off in the distance and any minor setbacks during the process can be devastating. It can make the goal seem so unachievable that you may give up on it or not work hard at it. Setting smaller goals and recognizing when you have achieved them gives a feeling of a winning situation. From there, the momentum will build and you and other employees will continue to seek progress.

For example, a new agent should consider it a win when they close on a house, have a meeting with a customer or even receive a phone call as a result of their marketing campaign. Consider it progress when an assistant finds a new advertising route. These small achievements are the building blocks toward large and meaningful goals.

In addition to motivating the agent, small wins inspire other employees and assistants. They cause excitement at work and keep people engaged. When people are eager to see and feel momentum they work harder and become more efficient. They tend to want to see their company succeed and know that they will have the tools necessary to solve problems.


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