Market Others to Market Yourself

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May 2, 2012
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May 13, 2012

Market Others to Market Yourself

Although social media offers individuals a free forum to express their opinions and ideas, for some strange reason, most people choose this forum to initiate complaints. At least 2 out of 5 social media postings are expressing a user’s dissatisfaction with a product, service or an organization.


Agents who wish to stand out in the crowd can do so easily by turning their social media profiles into a channel of praise. Overlook negative issues and praise everything positive. Expressing negativity doesn’t provide value for anyone. However, singing the praises of others can offer agents numerous benefits.
Praise is the Perfect Marketing Strategy

Prolific praise is a wonderful marketing strategy. People clamor to work with positive people. Spreading the praise is a great way to develop a positive image. Showering praise on worthy businesses and individuals can bring in unexpected accolades.


Turning into a testimonial machine can garner community support for future endeavors. Making a list of community businesses is an effective method to prep for sharing praise. A few things to consider when making a list are:

  • Who runs the best restaurants?

  • Are there outstanding small businesses worthy of support?

  • Which businesses go the extra mile?

  • Are there any community causes to champion?

  • Who is doing the most good in the community?

Being specific with praise is necessary. Examples of stellar behavior should always be accurately cited. Embellishment should be avoided; it’s important to be genuine when lavishing praise.
Pass on the Praise

There are numerous opportunities to express support for businesses and organizations online. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a variety of ways to dispense praise publicly. Blogs, video testimonials, statuses, and tweets can be laced with text or video testimonials. Even a simple PDF document of praiseworthy local businesses and charities passed out to clients can boost agent’s image in the community.


Projecting positivity and enthusiasm for others in the community insures that that positivity is reciprocated. Genuine marketing efforts on behalf of others can be a powerful marketing tool.

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