What Real Estate Agents Should Do Before Listing a House

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April 28, 2012
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May 10, 2012

What Real Estate Agents Should Do Before Listing a House

The goal of any real estate agent is to sell property and make a profit; however, there are many things that an agent should do before listing a home. Some of these things can mean the difference between selling a home quickly and struggling to sell it at all.

First of all, they need to make sure that the home is in presentable condition before they begin allowing people to view it. They need to make it look as attractive as possible. They should make sure that all carpets are clean and all hardwood floors are polished. Repainting the inside always gives the house a “fresh” feel, as well, and neutral colors are the best option.

Many people choose to hire professionals to take care of the cleaning and repairs of homes on the market. Professionals know best how to make houses appealing to potential buyers. They also know best in suggesting what should be cleaned and/or repaired.

Just as the house should be presentable, the yard should be presentable, as well. Even if a house is appealing, people can be deterred from looking at it if it is surrounded by a jungle of weeds. Thus, agents will want to make sure that the grass is mowed and any shrubs are trimmed neatly.

Finally, agents need to evaluate the property carefully, based on its condition and floor plan, to determine a selling price. Price can be affected by many factors including not only condition and floor plan, but such things as the neighborhood the home is in and the schools that are nearby, as well. They should always formulate a market analysis of the home before listing it.

In conclusion, if agents want to make a profit on a home quickly, they need to perform several steps before listing the property. This may include such things as cleaning the home, repairing various things in the home and painting the interior. When agents follow the above advice, they will soon see the profits they desire.

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