Get the Word Out: Advertising Tips for Real Estate Brokers

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April 25, 2012
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May 2, 2012

Get the Word Out: Advertising Tips for Real Estate Brokers

Whether you are an established agent or just starting, real estate requires constant marketing to get your name out to prospective customers. Making your name familiar and recognizable gives you the best chance at securing new and repeat clients.

Branding Items

Pens, key chains, business cards and coffee mugs make perfect advertising material. Get your name and contact information branded on these items and hand them out whenever possible. For example, leave a few pens at a local restaurant so they can use them with their customers. As these giveaways circulate, you will receive advertising and your name will become familiar with many people.

Posters and Billboards

Hang posters and flyers in public advertising areas. Inquire about advertising on billboards and the sides of buses or other public transportation. Pick the location of these marketing materials carefully. Place them in high-traffic areas where customers will be able to pause a moment to notice them to be most effective. For example, place a billboard on a busy street near a stop light rather than along the highway.

Online Listing Sites

There are many sites on the Internet that search and display real estate listings. Submitting your listing to these sites is often free or low-cost. An increasing number of prospective buyers are beginning their house search on the Internet so it is important for you to be represented on as many sites as possible.

Direct Mail

This is an old advertising technique but it is still effective. While many recipients will simply throw the advertising away, some may be in the middle of a search and decide to contact you. Direct mail is also an inexpensive and easy way to put your name in front of many people at once.

Set Up Booths at Local Events

Community meetings, farmers’ markets and local activities are an ideal place to meet with and speak to a large number of people. Pay to have a booth at these events and be sure to cover it with marketing materials that are easily accessible to people.


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