Four Tips for Future Agents to Jump Start Their Career

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February 25, 2008
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April 28, 2012

Four Tips for Future Agents to Jump Start Their Career

It can be quite exciting when launching a career in real estate. However, just as with any other job in the world, there will be many times when people are disappointed, just as there will be times of success. While there are many things that future real estate agents should keep in mind, the following tips are the top four to help them jump start their new and exciting career.

1. The first tip for future agents is to never expect too much in the first year. Many successful real estate agents did not make much money in their first year. There may be many disappointments, but agents should never give up. The best thing to do, during this slow first year, is to use the time to learn everything possible about the real estate business.

2. Secondly, agents should never believe that there is one secret way of becoming successful. It is best to use many different ways, rather than just one. When people use several methods, they increase their chances of making a sale. There are many ways to market yourself including cold calling, using mailing lists, open houses and joining clubs or organizations.

3. This next tip involves dedication. Real estate agents must be fully dedicated to their jobs. When they get leads, they must be willing to drop whatever they are doing and follow up on their leads immediately. This can mean working long hours, weekends and maybe even holidays. Since the first year will be slow, and they may have to take a part-time job to see them through, they need to be dedicated to working hard, as well.

4. Finally, future agents should never let themselves become intimidated by competitor’s ads on the Internet and elsewhere. Many of these ads are simply stories to attract customers. While some of them may be true, some are only half true, and some are not true at all. Even the ones that are true, more than likely had a slow first year, as well.

Becoming a new real estate agent can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. While the first year can be quite slow, the best thing to do is to revel in each small victory. Beginning agents should never compare themselves to agents whom have acquired years and years of experience. Odds are, those same agents had a slow and frustrating first year, as well.

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